Fifth grade

Welcome to fifth grade!  We present a culmination of six years of learning.  In fifth grade we enjoy utilizing a hands-on approach to support our academic curriculum.  Reading is emphasized through the use of the Accelerated Reader program.  The Civil War is studied in social studies, and in science various units such as living/nonliving things, light, sound, and geology are covered.  In order to enhance the learning experience many field trips are taken during the school year.  These field trips are designed to develop an appreciation of the local natural resources.  For example, a trip to Jefferson National Forest allows our students to design and field test science experiments.  Throughout the year there are many contacts between fifth graders and representatives of Christiansburg Middle School.  An important goal for all teachers and students is paving a smooth transition from elementary to middle grades. 


 Meet Our Teachers . . .

Mrs. Hypes

Mrs. Mathews

Mrs. Sheppard

Mr. Trotter