Kathy Phillips

Hi! My name is Kathy Phillips and I am a kindergarten teacher here at FBE. Before I became a teacher though, I had to do a lot of things.

First of all, I committed to graduate from Ferguson High School in Newport News, Virginia. I loved high school and I was very involved in lots of things. I loved all the science classes and thought I would become a marine biologist, but later I changed my plans. I was a cheerleader and I loved cheering for our football, basketball and wrestling teams. We were the State Champions in basketball! I made many friends in high school and when I graduated, my best friend and I committed to graduate from Virginia Tech!

I spent four great years at VT. I majored in elementary education and student taught at Harding Avenue Elementary School. I loved it! After I graduated, I got married and my husband (he graduated from VT also) and I lived in Norfolk, Chantilly, and Blacksburg, VA. I taught kindergarten everywhere that we lived!

I now have two grown children. Our daughter Jordan is 28 and married to a wonderful man named, Jack. Jordan committed to graduate from VT and then she graduated from The University of Health Sciences in Chicago. Now, after a lot of hard work, she is a chiropractor in Arlington, VA. Our son Joey is 24. He graduated from VT in May of 2012 and then again, with a Master’s degree in 2013. He committed to graduate and now he has a great job in Arlington, VA.

I love watching my students at FBE (past and present) work hard, learn, and enjoy their years at our wonderful school!